WP Radio Ads Player

Custom Mic Drops, Stringers & Advertisements Player.

WP Radio ads player lets you monetize your radio website by playing audio ads and you can also display any ads in the popup player.
It let you play custom mic drops, stringer, and audio advertisements at the start of radio station play.

You can create and play unlimited ads and set them to be played by filtering specific counties or specific stations. You can also control how often the users will listen to the ads.

Amazing Features to Monetize Your Site.

Custom Audio Ads

You can play any audio file or URL as ad at the start of any station play.

Custom Ad Duration

You can set the ad duration, how long the add will be played.

Countries Filtering

You can play any ad for a specific countries.

Stations Filtering

You can play any ad for a specific stations.

Ad Stats Email Report

Get weekly ad stats email report to the ad publisher email.

Custom Play Rules

You can play the ad for a specific times or for a specific date.

How to use?

After installing the WP Radio Ads Player addon new menu "Radio Ads" will be added under the Radio Stations menu. WP Radio Ads Player
From this menu we can manager the radio ads.
For creating a new ad, we have to click the "Add New Ad" submenu.

On the ad edit screen we can see some fields. Those are:

Add New Ad
  1. Title - the ad title.
  2. Ad File - Enter the audio ad URL or select any file by clicking the plus icon.
  3. Ad Duration - Select the ad duration time, how long the ad will be played.
  4. Expire Type - Select expire type of how the ad will be expired. Expire the ad after playing a specific times or expire the ad after the selected date.
  5. Expire By Count - Enter the maximum number, the ad can be played.
  6. Expire By Date - Select the date untill the ad can be played
  7. Countries - Select the countries, if you want to play the ad for a specific countries only.
  8. Stations - Select the stations, if you want to play the ad for a specific stations only.
  9. Publisher Name - Enter the ad publisher name.
  10. Publisher Email - Enter the email of the ad publisher to send the ad stats email report.
  11. Ad Stats - You can see how many times the ad has been played.

WP Radio Player Ads Settings:

WP Radio Player Ads Settings

The WP Radio Ads Player Addon will add a new Ads settings section in radio station settings page.
In the settings section there are some settings fields those are:

  1. Ads Play Interval - Select the ad playing interval, how often the ads will be played when the listener play the stations.
    Always - The ad will be played always before, when the listener play the station.
    Specific Number - The ad will be played when the listener plays a stations for the selected interval number.
  2. Popup Player Ad Codes - Enter the ad codes if you want to display the ad below the popup player.
  3. Enable Email Reporting - Enable disable the ad stats email report to the ad publisher email.
  4. Reporting Email Frequency - Select the email reporting frequency. Daily/ Weekly.
  5. Reporting Email Subject - Enter the reporting email subject.